With his keen eye for finding the young ones before anyone else has thrown a leg over, Brent’s intuition has led him to many reining championships. Naylor has proven himself to ride some of the most difficult horses, not to mention some of the most beautiful. His precision and faith in his horse allows him to let the horse show off its natural ability. Big Papi, scoring a 224 at the High Roller classic and Cactus Classic, shows the consistency of Brent’s training program.

Naylor rode with Carol and Steve Metcalf for 2 ½ years, qualifying for the youth finals Top 10 both years. Naylor then went off to train and work under some of the most well-known trainers in the business, including Bob Avila, Darren Stansik, Duane Latimer and Casey Hinton. After Naylor went out on his own, he became the head trainer for Dave Belson’s 5B Quarter Horses, where he worked for 7 years, before opening Naylor Performance Horses LLC in October of 2001.

Brent has shown some incredible horses – horses, that when he began riding at the age of 4, he could only dream of riding. Naylor has come a long way and been down some rough roads, overcoming many of life’s challenges, only to prove that when there’s a will, there’s a way. Brent’s challenges have made him especially sensitive to people in need – he’s always the first to offer assistance when someone needs help.

Brent featured on NRHA’s Inside Reining,
as one of the NRHA’s most prominent up-and-coming trainers.

Naylor’s lifetime earnings of $322,000+ are growing – and for good reason. Naylor has focused his energy the past few years on “listening to the horse." “The horse will tell you how fast to run, how hard to stop and how much to push,” says Brent, who credits much of this theory to Big Papi. “He’s a sensitive horse that gets his feelings hurt if he’s pushed too hard. My wife has taught me a lot about him, too. Brandy has a way with these horses. She understands them and has taught me to do so, too.”

Brent and Brandy together are unstoppable, making Naylor Performance Horses a winning team, caring about their horses and especially about their welfare. Naylor has many customers that have supported him, but Brandy’s longtime support has meant more than anything. Brent met Brandy while working for Casey Hinton nearly 14 years ago. They dated for 2 years, and Brent asked her to marry him. Brandy, however, turned him down. They stayed close friends, however, and in July of 2007, life brought them back together as a couple.
Brent and Brandy married in January of 2008, and make their home in Scottsdale with daughter Kaylee.
Kaylee is following in the family's footsteps, enjoying riding horses and the thrill of showing as much as her parents.

There is a great deal in store for this young trainer and his new family, wife Brandy and daughter Kaylee. They welcome new faces to their training program and invite you to come check it out! The Naylor's training program accomodates all ages and riding levels, so come join us today!
Special Thanks to These Valuable Members of the Naylor Team:
Vet: Dr. Joe Carter of Oklahoma Equine Hospital
Big Papi Breeding Vet: Dr. Jerry Longworth of Scottsdale Equine Reproduction Center
Farrier: Dr. LA Langley and Will Lloyd
Please take the time to check them out!